The wine business can be daunting. PEMDAS Solutions offers winery solutions to meet clients needs. Services include: winery business development, design, winemaking consulting, financial forecasting, winery business education and project management. I have experience working with clients in both hemispheres and three continents. With a comprehensive understanding of the wine industry, I have the expertise you need. For a detailed list of services see the Winery Services page.

With over twenty years of experience in the wine industry, PEMDAS Solutions has the knowledge and experience that helps clients create and grow successful businesses in the wine and spirits industry. I have worked with wineries, vineyards, cideries and spirits producers from startups to existing wineries. Clients are small (less than 1,000 cases) to mid-size (500,000 cases) wineries and span the globe. If you are looking for someone who has experience working in all aspects of this exciting industry, I can help. 

I love to work with unique people, making unique products in unique places.

Winery Design
Winery Barn Design

Are you ready to design your winery? I’ve been helping to design wineries for more than twenty years. I work with your architect and team to create an efficient winery, telling your story within your budget. Winery Design

Winemaking bottles

I work with small (<1,000 cases) and medium wineries (500K cases) across the world to design winemaking programs, train new winemakers, solve problems, answer questions, set procedures and help you produce quality wine. Winemaking

Project Management

Project Management has been the foundation of my career for 30 years. I focus on the details that make a winery project successful, including all aspects of the winery from vineyard to tasting room. Project Management