On-site Winemaking and Year Round Support

Learn the fundamentals of commercial winemaking.

Booking now for Harvest 2023. August 2023 through July 2024.

I will train you in commercial winemaking to make world class wines. My hands on training and winemaking starts at harvest and continues all year. Year round winemaking support gives you the confidence to age, blend and bottle your wine like an industry pro.

On-site Winemaking and Year Round Support is available to current PEMDAS clients with on-site winemaking priority given to returning clients. Harvest spots are limited.

On-site Winemaking:

  • Training to become a world class winemaker.
  • Detailed plans for winemaking and aging for each variety and wine.
  • Vineyard consulting to determine the best picking days for your wines and vineyard.
  • Managing harvest/crush and press days.
  • Detailed instruction for using your equipment for high quality wines.
  • Learn the fundamentals of cap management.
  • Management of wine adjustments, inoculations and additions to make the best wines possible.
  • Twice daily monitoring of sugar and temperature of all fermentations.
  • Tutored training on how to taste and blend wines for the best results.
  • Blending trails and evaluations for all wines.
  • Fining and stabilizing trails to prepare for bottling.

Year Round Winemaking Support:

  • 12 months of 1:1 weekly phone/video meetings. 
  • Unlimited text, phone and email correspondence.
  • Problem solving for challenging wines.
  • List of supplies for a well run winery.
  • Aging recommendations and protocols for commercial winemaking.
  • Filtering recommendations and protocols for bottling and fine wine aging.
  • Bottling protocols.
  • Written Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Recommendations for winery industry and wine making resources.
Genevieve Rodgers Consultant

Genevieve Rodgers
Owner PEMDAS Solutions

I’m an engineer, turned winemaker, turned wine business consultant. For more than twenty years I’ve been making wine, managing wineries and helping people like you start their dreams.

I work with wineries around the US and the world to create world class wines.

Harvest spots are limited. Book your call to confirm your harvest times.