Business Evaluation

The winery business is difficult. Making great wine is not enough to guarantee financial success. If you have a winery and are not achieving the finances that you require, I can help. I provide a business evaluation that gives you a comprehensive look at your business and how it measures up to known small winery benchmarks. I evaluate your brand and marketing as well as your costs and revenue and provide you with recommendations to get on track.

A business evaluation can include:

  • Evaluation and alignment of your visionĀ and mission
  • Evaluation of the experience would like to create and its execution
  • Consistency of branding across all consumer experiences including
  • Production and packaging costs
  • Inventory costs
  • Sales Channel Usage, Costs and Revenues
  • Event Profit
  • Tasting Room Metrics

If you would like to learn how you can improve your winery business, check out my Blog for winery business posts.

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