How Wineries Create Value

Pod cast - How wineries add create value

My January Podcast conversation with Ed Mysogland of How to Sell a Business

Sometimes you miss things, like a podcast that you were in, when life is busy. Yes, this happened to me. But, the beauty of podcasts is that you can still listen to it, months after it aired. I was fortunate to chat with Ed Mysogland of the podcast How to Sell a Business. Ed had some basic, but not easy, questions: Where is the risk in a winery? How to create value in a winery business? How to effectively transfer the businesses? We talk about the wine industry, the basic sides of a wine business, creating brand consistency as well as how to get a winery ready for sale (and more).

You can listen to our discussion below.

All you wanted to know about creating winery value

Highlights from the podcast:

There are almost two different industries for wineries:

  • Big Wineries in the Million cases
  • Small wineries, averaging less than 5,000 cases per year

Wine Production mechanics:

  1. Start with the Farmer
  2. Next is the Winemaker – the bridge
  3. Last is your Sales

How do you create brand consistency?

What do grape contracts look like?

We talked a bit about where and how to raise capital…and how the Corona virus affected the winery industry.

How do you maximize the goodwill for a winery and create value?

What makes a winery sales ready?

It was a pleasure speaking with Ed. If you want to learn more about why starting with the experience is so important, check out these posts: on the importance of a winery vision and how to craft a winery vision. To learn more about selling your business listen to Ed’s podcast How to Sell a Business. If you would like to contact me, please send me an email or fill out a contact form.

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